It is very important that you regularly back up your Android phone, but you may not know exactly how. In this article Backupdiy will show you how to backup your Android phone quickly and easily.

Backup your Android phone

Regularly backing up your Android phone prevents you from losing important data. Consider, for example, your contacts, installed apps, saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords and Gmail settings. A backup copy is very useful if you switch to a new Android phone, or if your phone suddenly fails. Your smartphone will not work, but your most important data will be stored safely somewhere else.

There are many ways and apps to back up your Android phone. Most of the times the option can be found in the settings app, although it may be that it has a different location.

  1. Go to Settings, System, Backup & reset, and select both Backup my data and Automatic restore. (Automatically backup device data and app data remotely. When you turn on automatic backup, device and app data is periodically saved remotely. App data can be any data that an app has saved, including potentially sensitive data such as contacts, messages and photos.)

If you followed the above steps, a backup of your Android phones data is automatically made remotely. You do not have to do this manually. In the same screen you also see which Google account is being backed up. If you tap this, you can change your account or add a new account. With the Automatic restore option, you ensure that your data is immediately restored when you reinstall an app.

Backup of photos

Good to know is that your photos are not included in the backup of your Android phone. That’s why it’s smart to use Google Photos, which lets you upload all the images to the cloud, so that you can access them anywhere. Once you have done this and you install the Photos app on your new smartphone, all images are synchronized to your Android phone.

Backup of WhatsApp messages

In addition, keep in mind that you must also back up WhatsApp messages on your Android phone separately. Read all about making a Backup in WhatsApp in our extensive article.

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