Do you want to make a WordPress backup? I’ll show you how to do that by using BackUP WordPress plugin.

Building a website costs the necessary time and energy. Although WordPress is a reliable CMS, some things can always happen that forces you to revert to a copy of the site. Once your site is running, it is important to always keep a current copy at hand. Therefore I will show you how do it with the easy to install plugin from BackUP WordPress.

The possible dangers of no backup

What are the possible dangers of not backing up your website? A hacker breaks into your site and adds malicious code. Or you can adjust the code of WordPress, a plug-in or a theme yourself. Then it may happen that your site no longer functions properly.

At such moments it is good that you have a backup on hand, so you can always restore a functioning version of your WordPress site.

How to install and configure BackUP WordPress

You can also make a backup using the BackUP WordPress plug-in. The plug-in is available in several languages.

With BackUP WordPress it is possible to easily make backups. For example, if you make a change to the database, you can quickly backup the database with this plug-in.

Install the BackUP WordPress plugin

  1. First things first. Install the plugin by going to Plugins -> Add New.
  2. In the search panel at the right top of your screen paste backupwordpress.
  3. BackUP WordPress should come first. Push Install to install the plugin.
  4. Hit Activate when the plugin is done installing.
  5. By default your database will get a backup on daily base.
  6. If you want a custome scheme choose Add schedule.

Configuring BackUp WordPress

Via Dashboard –> Tools –> Backups you can set a number of things to your liking. To create the WordPress backup you have three options: Database Only, Files Only, Both Database & Files.

Do you also modify files in your WordPress installation? Then it is wise to make a complete backup. Click on the tab Complete Weekly and click on Run now.

Still have some questions? Visit the official plugin page by clicking here.

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