Backup Firefox bookmarks and restore guide

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This backup Firefox bookmarks and restore guide will show you how to export your bookmarks from Firefox or import your bookmarks backup into Firefox.

(To make this guide work make sure you have installed Firefox version 61 or higher.)

Backup Firefox bookmarks

Step 1: Open Firefox and click the library icon on the top right.

(It will open a list including your recent highlights, bookmarks, downloads and history of your previous Firefox usage.)


Step 2: Click on bookmarks (first in the list).

(You will get into your personal bookmarks which you recently added and have the opportunity to search through them.)


Step 3: Click Show All Bookmarks (on the bottom of the list).

(You will get into your Firefox bookmarks which gives you the chance to edit or deleted your current bookmarks or add new bookmarks.)


Step 4: Click Import and Backup (top of the screen).


Step 5: Click on Backup.

(It’s also possible to use the Export bookmarks to HTML feature which also makes it possible to open the bookmarks list in your browser.)


Step 6: browser to the folder where you want to save your bookmark and click save on the right bottom.

(By picking the backup feature instead of the Export Bookmarks to HTML feature you will only be able to export your Firefox bookmark backup into .json.)


Restore Firefox bookmarks

Restoring your Firefox bookmarks gives you the chance to recover errors you made while cleaning up your bookmarks or load them into Firefox on another computer.

Restoring your firefox bookmarks is quite similar to making the backup. (You can follow the first 4 steps of the backup guide before continuing the steps below.)

Step 1: Click restore and select the latest version of the backups (or select Choose file to select a different Firefox bookmarks backup).


Step 2: If you have bookmarks already, you will receive the message you see below. If you are fine with replacing the current Firefox bookmarks than click OK.


All your Firefox bookmarks should be imported and available for use within Firefox.


Storage location Firefox bookmarks backup

The location where you save your export of the Firefox bookmarks might be important in some cases. It might be possible that you won’t have physical access to the computer or you currently have limited access to internet.

Backup Firefox bookmarks on USB

In some scenario’s it might be possible that you will have limited acces to the internet but still want to prepare your browser for when the problems are solved. If you have to import your firefox bookmarks on another device it’s important so make sure you save Firefox bookmarks on another storage device like USB or external HDD.

Backup Firefox bookmarks in cloud storage

Making a backup on a USB won’t always be the solution. In some cases you might not have full access to the computer you want to import the Firefox bookmarks on. This can have multiple reasons like disabled external storage devices or not being in the situation to insert the external storage device into the computer.

The best way to solve a situation like this is to directly backup your Firefox bookmarks into a cloud storage solution by your choice. By doing this you will always have the access to your Firefox bookmarks to import them into your browser.

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